New York Heat

Okay, so I know it’s really hot other places, but the only heat I know really well, is the New York, Long Island heat. It’s making my crazy. Especially with COVID happening and I can’t get out and go somewhere and be in the air conditioning, I’m stuck in the heat. Right now I’m in my old room because it’s way too hot everywhere else and my boyfriend is sleeping in the air conditioning. So, I’m here where it’s cooler. The thing is though, that the heat can make me sick. It can give me migraines and make me feel like I’m going to throw up pretty much all day. No matter how much I hydrate, I feel sick. It’s the worst.

Today there’s going to be a high of 82. Now that may not sound bad compared to other places, but New York heat is that sticky, uncomfortable, just plain gross heat. I’m sticking to everything right now. My arms are sticking to my legs, my laptop is sticking to me, my legs are sticking to all the blankets. It’s not unbearable because I’m used to it. It’s just inconvenient.

I feel sick and it’s annoying because I never used to be like this. I used to take the heat in stride because I wasn’t blessed with having an air conditioner in my room. My room is on the same circuit as my parents so I could never have one. Once my brother moved out I could sleep in his old room if I wanted to sleep in the air conditioning. That wasn’t until I was in my 20’s though.

Okay, so my computer was about to die so I had to move back to the apartment. I’m really going to get my dose of the heat that I’m used to. I feel like I haven’t hydrated enough today. I know it’s only 10:40, but if I don’t start hydrating as soon as I wake up I’m done for. I’m going to take this opportunity to remind you to drink your water. Not only to stay hydrated, but it will help your body, and your skin will thank you. Trust me.

I’m not exactly sure where this post is going, but let’s just see where it takes us. I got another pair of shorts the other day and they have pockets! What a win. I’m out of hair ties though, so I’m going to have to go rummage in the depths of my hair drawer to find some. In the bathroom, where it’s also hot. My apartment is basically a sauna, unless I strategically place myself in front of a fan and a window and another fan. I also have to wear as few clothes as possible, so shorts and a tank top usually, and my hair has to be up. Because for goodness sake I need a haircut, very badly. Don’t get me wrong I love mt hair, but it’s thick and wavy and not summer friendly. Honestly, I’m ready to just chop it all off. I won’t, but it does need to be cut.

So, that’s how I’m feeling about the New York heat. I’ll be waking up my boyfriend soon because I need to be in the air conditioning.


Fridays, Fridays, are No Fun

When you have heat exhaustion and can’t leave the house.

Now, how does one get heat exhaustion without actually going on into the heat, you ask? Well, apparently, when you don’t drink enough fluids or electrolytes, and sweat as much as I do (which is a lot) your body gets dehydrated and you start to feel horrible. (The science-y part is from my boyfriend, the feeling horrible part is from me). Anyway, I woke up with a migraine, I went to work, and the migraine got worse, I started feeling clammy, and nauseous. I was shaking, to the point where I couldn’t even drive home. So, my boyfriend came and got me, got me fluids and electrolytes, and had me sit in the cool and dark room. I finished my first drink, and the shaking was gone, I’m about half way through my second one, but the migraine still lingers. Now, when I get migraines, I pretty much can’t function, unless I’m sitting in a dark room with barely any noise. Which in turn means no work. Because of fluorescent lights and such.

I feel like I can’t even leave the house now, with out feeling like this. So now I’m anxious to leave the house because of mental and physical reasons, which is fantastic, especially on a Friday when I have things to do. Except, leaving the house isn’t really an option at this point, especially with a lingering migraine, on the tail end of this heat exhaustion. So, here I am, typing this, on my phone, because I don’t want to use the computer. This really sucks.

Friday, it’s supposed to be Fri-yay! Alas, not today. The last time I had a migraine I referred to myself as devils snare (from Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone) which is the plant that hates sunlight. It needs cool and dark spaces, which is me, essentially. Not by choice, more by necessity. I mean, I guess that’s what happens when you’ve had 5 concussions, suffer from severe migraines, and sweat so much that you’ll get heat exhaustion from doing nothing. That’s where I’m at now. Having a not fun Friday, but hoping to have a better day tomorrow.