Do It For The Mems 2

Gentlemen of the Road!

This is a picture of the time my dad took me to a music festival. That’s right, my DAD. It was a festival hosted my Mumford and Sons and my favorite band was playing, Dawes. I bought two tickets, I didn’t even have anyone to go with! My dad stepped in and decided to come with me. The second day we spent on the beach at Seaside Heights, NJ. I don’t think I left our spot once that day. Then Mumford and Sons played for two hours, and it was honestly one of the best days of my life.


Do It For the Mems pt 1

Since this mornings post was very heavy I thought I would put up a bonus post. I’m not sure what this series is going to be about, but I didn’t just want to have one post about making memories.

I have over 4,000 pictures on my icloud. They range from 2012 to now. So I really like to make memories and document special moments. Some people say to not take pictures and just live in the moment, I like to do both. I’ll take maybe on picture and then bask in the experience. A lot of times when I’m taking pictures of things or of other people I say “do it for the mems”. So, I think instead of doing throwbacks, I’ll post pictures of special times where I did things and took pictures for the “mems”.

Today’s picture is of when my boyfriend and I drove down to North Carolina to see his family. I have some amazing memories from that trip. I ended up having a pretty rough time emotionally because of my meds. The memories though, I’ll never forget. This was about 6 months after we started dating, we had spent a lot of time together, but this was special. It was our first long trip together, and I know there’s going to be many more. I miss being in North Carolina, so I’m sure he misses it even more than I do.