Hi, Mom

My mom may or may not read this, but it’s about to get real sappy. You have been warned.

Saying my mom is the best would be an understatement. She goes above and beyond for everyone and everything. Like, if you think of Leslie Knope, that’s pretty much my mom. She loves her town and she loves the people. Most importantly, she loves me. More than I even probably know.

Sometimes I think I take the fact that I have a mom like mine for granted. So many people may not have what we have. I cannot imagine my life being the same if my mom wasn’t my mom or who she was.

Who she is, she’s everything. She’s smart, caring, passionate, and so many other things, think of a positive characteristic and I can guarantee that she embodies it. Yes, she has her flaws, and yes, she passed down the procrastination gene. That’s okay though. I’ll take being a procrastinator over being a million other things. She acknowledges these flaws and handles mistakes with intelligence and grace.

I’m just so lucky. I’m going to keep this short in case she does read it.

Happy Mothers Day, mom.


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