I hate it when

Days start to feel like weeks. Like when you get to the end of the day and lay down, you feel like you’ve been battling for a week. Then you realize it’s merely been hours. Hours that feel like days, that turns into weeks that feel like months. What happened three hours ago feels like it happened three days ago. Nothing makes sense, because your sense of time is out of whack. Any concept of anything seems to have slipped away because it’s a battle. And you’re tired, but you battle on and on and on. For the weeks, days, hours, months, in what ever order they come in or which ever way they feel. Because those days that feel like weeks, you blink and it’s actually been a month. You never know where time goes, but the time is never wasted. Because every second is a battle, consciously or unconsciously. Either way, those days, they feel like never ending weeks.


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