It’s crazy how something’s can happen so close to you, but you can’t grasp just how heavy they are. There’s a wildfire near Sedona Arizona raging on right now and right down the road, not to far away is me. I understand the urgency and concept of it, but for some reason the actual weight of it is just out of my reach. Maybe it’s because I feel helpless in the situation or maybe because I just, genuinely, can’t grasp it. I can’t wrap my mind around the proximity and how the fire rages on. As if it’s happening in a world apart from my own. I just can’t figure it out.
Wildfires are always bad, the damage and the effects can be devastating. The issue that this one raises is, was it man made or natural. Did some one start a fire and let it burn into a brush fire that expanded? Did they just watch as it burned? Or did it just start, naturally? But isn’t that always the issue with a wildfire? It can be started so easily, but it can take 500 men to put it out.
There’s this wildfire, and it rages, and I just don’t understand what I don’t understand about it. Maybe in a way, I’m like the wildfire and I just can’t figure out what the two have in common.


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