You and me

In a different world we would be, I’d follow you and you’d follow me. I would wake up and you’d smile at me and I’d have all the time to make you see that I’m for you and you’re for me, but right now that’s not your dream. So I’ll live mine and set you free, and I’ll always hope you’ll come back to me you’ll chase your dreams and then we’ll see. But I still get butterflies when you sneak in my mind, and I smile to myself every time. I wonder where you are and what you’re doing, how close you are to coming back to me. But you chase your dreams and I’ll chase mine and some day soon I’ll be singing you to sleep and waking up to your smile.


Which day?

I don’t know which day is sadder, the day you realize that not everyone gets the magic or the happy ending. Or the day when you realize that you’re that person. The one who gets the pain and the heart break so others can get their magic. Magic always comes with a price, right? Or maybe it’s the day you decide not to get your hopes up about anything anymore, because the higher the hopes the farther the fall.

Another world

In a different world we’d be the perfect two. But in the one we live in now, you don’t get me and I don’t want you. With our matching goofy grins and wicked quick wit it was inevitable that we would meet time and time again. A 26 year old with the mind of a child, playing games with a 19 year olds heart, which is just one of a child. It became a war that couldn’t be won, unless one side surrendered. But the way they played it, it could go on forever. Neither would surrender, but neither could win, no love gained so no love lost, but hatred brewed on the horizon, because this is what happens when two star crossed lovers are sentenced to doom, in a world outside the one where they were meant to be the perfect two.